Looking for our other half

Mar 30

Attachments.me is founded by two engineers. Both Ben and myself have been hacking on software since before we were teenagers. We love coding. 

We love coding so much that we both end up thinking about code almost all the time. It could be deciding the best way to construct a class or how to best test integration with another service. All of our code is well tested and we take pride in it. Now that we’ve been funded by Foundry Group we have been thinking about who we want to be our first hire. We realized that most of our code obsession is focused on the server-side. So, we want someone to help round out our team by obsessing about the front-end of our application as much as we obsess about the rest. 

Attachments.me is officially looking for an incredible front-end developer. We want someone who will dedicate themselves to pushing the boundaries of what can be done with a modern browser. We want someone who writes CSS so gorgeous that it makes angels cry. We also want someone who is opinionated and will help make our application even more usable. 

What’s in it for you? We are a funded startup that is looking to make email better. We want to give you stake in the company, a good salary and the best tools to work with. One of our advisors is Daniel Burka and we want you to work with him to make our application the most impressive, easy to use application around. You will get to be involved in building this Attachments.me from an early beta to an application everyone has heard of.

If you’re interested and are in the bay area or willing to move there, send us some info at jobs [at] attachments.me.

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